Monday, June 28, 2010

7742: Progressive Stereotypes.

The mom last seen playing a wigger for Toyota is now buying car insurance via Progressive—with a different husband! And once again, she’s paired up with a geeky spouse, perpetuating the stereotype of attractive woman married to nerds.


RFB said...

Good eye. And the man has a man-purse. It's not just nerds they're married to, it's viagra-popping fatboys with no masculinity. Who does this appeal to? This has been going on for decades. Is there that big a community of hot chicks married to losers?

(My wife is probably whispering "yes" right now.)

Anonymous said...

Ive realized this growing trend as well. Pretty chicks with losers. Its almost like a a self-loathing type of thing. Advertisers are catching on.

adchick said...

Uh, that would be a Murse he's carrying. After all it was a "gift." Yeah, I'd rather have a Lab than a fat dude who carries a Murse.