Wednesday, February 04, 2009

6404: Staying For Breakfast.

Hotcakes and sausages in a MultiCultClassics Monologue.

• The Hawaiian Tropic Zone in New York is closing down for a lengthy renovation project, with management insisting the timing is not related to the recent news of discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits from female employees. An executive said, “It’s been two years and we’ve had close to a half-million people here. We’re going to use the opportunity to spruce the place up a little bit.” And probably hose the place down to destroy any possible evidence of sexual misconduct.

• About 2 million people took advantage of the Denny’s Free Breakfast promotion on Tuesday. “We’re re-acquainting America with Denny’s,” said the restaurant chain’s CEO. “We’ve never been thanked this much—and folks are saying they’ll come back.” Right. Only if the waitresses are replaced by Hawaiian Tropic Zone castoffs.

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