Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10947: Super Bowl Offensive Karma.

In 2011, MultiCultClassics successfully predicted the NBA Finals winner by utilizing the Offensive Karma formula. Specifically, Offensive Karma is defined by a team’s display of offensiveness in the form of words or actions rooted in bigotry, discrimination and ignorance—which then leads to the team’s ultimate demise in a championship tourney. So let’s apply the notion to Super Bowl XLVII to determine which squad will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday.

So far, San Francisco has a slight Offensive Karma edge, with 49ers backup cornerback Chris Culliver making homophobic remarks. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco tried to counter by calling the decision to play the next Super Bowl outdoors in New York “retarded.”

There are still a few days—and press conferences featuring Randy Moss and Ray Lewis—remaining to heat things up. Stay tuned, sports fans.

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