Saturday, January 09, 2016

13003: B.S. From The Belgium Boys.

Adfreak reported on a campaign from Belgium, where top advertising executives are donating sperm and eggs to “ensure the nation’s creative future.” The goal is to perpetuate the creative ranks through selective breeding. Um, this is clearly one of the most racist endeavors in advertising history, reminiscent of Aryanism. The print ads for the campaign tell the story, in terms of the White maleness of the project. What’s so outrageous is the reality that typical hiring practices in our industry make the campaign completely unnecessary. That is, advertising agencies will extend the exclusivity via cronyism, nepotism, racism and all the other isms that have worked for generations. Sorry, but this idea is nothing more than a circle jerk for self-promotion and awards.


Anonymous said...

Someone should tell the Belgians that American-style nepotism works just as well to ensure that white male creatives only hire and offer opportunities to white male creatives. That's how the US locks up its market and passes the baton from generation to generation, and it doesn't require jizzing in a cup.

Reality said...

For an industry that claims to want new ideas and new creativity, there's sure a lot of sameness.