Monday, January 18, 2016

13018: Annual Google Gag.

Google salutes MLK Day, yet the company still isn’t living the dream in its offices.

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youngunnogun said...

Nah, I don't see Google getting anywhere fast. They're already punting. They've fallen down the trap of "let's have a brown bag lunch and TALK about diversity rather than actually DOING anything about it!".

They're sponsoring a series of TALKS, big whoop, to address diversity. That's Diversity Consultant 101 talk.

Next thing you know, Google will do what the advertising world does, which is an endless series of part-time diversity consultants traipsing through the offices for a few hours at a time, never to be seen again, unless there's a multicultural conference panel to pop up on (as proof of corporate diversity, of course) and/or an annual report to chime in on, and/or some government panel to testify about diversity in front of.

It's all talk, talk, talk, no numbers.