Wednesday, January 20, 2016

13023: Mickey D’s Diverted Diversity…?

This Mickey D’s commercial from Leo Burnett in South Africa for the Big Flavour Trio is triple awful: Terrible. Trite. Trash. Oddly enough, the responsible creative team appears to be comprised of White women. Looks like an example of diverted diversity taken to a bizarrely obscene level.


Anonymous said...

White women in charge of black ad accounts in South Africa.

White women in charge of black ad accounts in the US.

Another day, another page of the same old stories.

And the ad industry wonders why they have a recruitment problem, and everyone is heading to other industries instead.

Anonymous said...

Look, MCClassics. A roadmap.

A practical step-by-step guide the ad industry in the US could use to ferret out racial diversity statistics out of agencies, if only there was anyone of color left in the industry with the job security to push for it.