Tuesday, January 12, 2016

13009: Woman Upchuck.

Campaign reported on how R/GA London diverted diversity by launching Woman Up, an internal programme “to help inspire women at the agency and in the marketing, advertising, digital and technology industries.” While the awful promotional video features hip hop music and a few colored girls, it’s a safe bet the initiative is targeting White women. Jai Tedeschi, a member of the Woman Up leadership team, confirmed this by declaring, “We’re strong believers that you need to ‘see it to be it’, so our vision for Woman Up is to showcase the best females in our business…” Hey, you can’t “see it to be it” when minorities remain invisible in the field.

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Anonymous said...

More white women diversity diversions here:


Notice this is from the WPP family, bastions of diversity.

This hypocrite wrote an entire article about "diversity," never ONCE, not ONCE mentioned ethnicity, yet beat that oh-so-important "diversity of thought" (translation: white women come out ahead, nobody else) drum.