Monday, September 12, 2016

13349: True Lies & Gender Equality.

Quick comment regarding diverted diversity dame Cindy Gallop, who responded to criticism from former Saatchi & Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts by insisting, “… [C]ontrary to his remarks directed at me, nobody anywhere is paying me anything to do the work I do in this area.” Okay, but The 3% Conference’s fall soiree—where Gallop will deliver speeches—is charging attendees up to $1399 per ticket. If Gallop isn’t collecting cash for her culturally clueless contributions, she’s an idiot. If she is getting paid, well, it demonstrates progress in showing that female advertising executives lie as well as their male peers.

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Fed/\ said...

You know, I would like to see this woman shake up the industry. IF ONLY SHE’D ADDRESS THE ISSUES MINORITY WOMEN AND MEN OF COLOR FACE.

By the 3% Conference’s own statistics, over 46% of the ad industry is female (check their website).

As far as we can estimate from the Multicultclassics website, the number of Black men and women in the American industry hovers around 2 fucking %. TWO. FUCKING. PERCENT.

Yet they preach a diversity gospel that only benefits white women.

I don’t know a single ethnic ad agency that can afford to drop $1399 a ticket on sending a handful, much less dozens of women and "manbassadors", to the 3% soiree, while many holding companies and ad agencies have been guilted into sending legions so that they can crow about “diversity” in their upcoming reports to investors and potential clients. That means mostly white agencies are sending their mostly white female staff to interact with mostly white creatives in a closed bubble.

The 3% group is offering some scholarships, but as far as I can tell they’re positioned only for college students or recent graduates. And if you look at the lineup of speakers, and the topics they’re addressing, it’s not exactly welcoming of ethnic minority POVs (sorry, preteen girl who’s a decade away from being a part of the ad industry, sorry women from Europe flying in to ignore any racial issues in America).

The result is, to paraphrase Cindy Gallop, a closed loop of white women talking to white women about topics of interest to white women in an industry filled with white women.