Wednesday, September 21, 2016

13364: Digital Diverted Diversity.

Looks like the 4As recently updated its website, unintentionally and perfectly reflecting the White advertising industry it allegedly represents. That is, the website displays a complete cluelessness regarding digital. The trade organization ought to consider connecting with Steve Krug and/or peruse the latest version of Krug’s classic book, Don’t Make Me Think. Right now, there is no UX in The copy and content suck too. The website does, however, accurately mirror the White advertising industry’s current stance on diversity. In short, the 4As have fully embraced diverted diversity, literally and figuratively putting women ahead of all other minorities. Oh, and the section on diversity and inclusion is nearly impossible to find too.


Anonymous said...

On the plus side at least our ad industry leaders have stopped pretending to care about ethnic diversity.

They've made it fundamentally clear that white women are front and center, and will be for the immediate future, and that's good enough diversity for them.

Everyone of color, step to the back of the bus.

Anonymous said...

The Angry Black Woman stereotype returns, thanks to KMart. The comments on this are priceless.

Donations Donations said...

Score one for white female diversity! ADCOLOR has just given its highest diversity award to Saatchi & Saatchi, for a project that seems pretty thin on any other kind of diversity behind the scenes. But hey, it’s 2016 and diversity in advertising is all about what’s in front of the camera, right?