Monday, September 12, 2016

13350: Toyota Drives Stereotypes.

A MultiCultClassics visitor pointed toward this Toyota commercial accelerating cultural cluelessness. In the spot, parents drop off their White kids for extracurricular practice sessions at upscale facilities including a horse riding academy, swimming pool and baseball field—however, the Black kid is dropped off at a gritty boxing gym by his “bro” versus Moms or Pops. Twitter comments have noted the stereotypes. Not sure which White advertising agency is responsible for this latest example of Total Toyota total bullshit. Hey, at least the Black kid wasn’t driven to the slave plantation.

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What_Happened_Here said...

I know exactly what happened here.

When white foreigners at an ad agency in the US hire white foreign friends in the UK who hire white foreign friends in Australia to make an ad targeting the US “Total Market” (which presumably includes, you know, some actual African-Americans), they fail because:

they didn’t have any actual African-Americans or hell any Americans with half a culturally clued-in brain calling any important shots at any step of the way.

But hey, enjoy that all white mostly foreign chain of command that got you your Black ad filmed on a slave plantation as well as this little gem, Toyota. Can’t wait to see what you’ll all do together for a follow up.

Go, Go Total Market Team! Unite!