Friday, November 09, 2018

14370: The Brutal Truth About WPP & VMLY&R.

Campaign published a report—Brutal simplifier: the VML and Y&R merger—detailing the cold and corporate combining of crappy companies in the WPP global outhouse. The story’s copy is not nearly as outrageous as the accompanying photographs. The first image (above) displays WPP CEO Mark Read posing in an oh-so-hip studio setting. It’s sad how White holding company CEOs view themselves as celebrity rock stars. Campaign is positioning Read as a simplifier? Simpleton would be more accurate. Meanwhile, the second image (below) presents the new leadership at VMLY&R. For an agency that gained certification from The 3% Movement and once employed a Director of Inclusion and Cultural Resonance, the fresh honchos appear to be stereotypically and predominately male and White.

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