Monday, November 12, 2018

14376: Fake News From Zulu Alpha Kilo.

The hacks from Zulu Alpha Kilo are at it again, having produced a video critique on account pitches. “World’s Worst RFP” presents a fake press conference with fake characters depicting White clients, White advertising agency executives and White consultancy executives. The only thing semi-accurate here is the Whiteness of the cast. The rest is a lame exaggeration that’s poorly executed. For some odd reason, lots of folks seem to find Zulu Alpha Kilo’s work amusing. Not sure why. After all, reality is far funnier. There was the recent BMW review, for example, where the losing competitors whined about learning of their defeat via the search consultancy, trade press and social media. Ironically, the winner—Goodby Silverstein + Partners—has also publicly whined when falling short in shootouts. Or consider the ongoing U.S. Army account review, replete with eliminations leading to political protests and shady extensions, sex scandals, race-tainted lawsuits and more.

Hey, who needs parody when original comedy material is delivered daily?

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