Friday, January 02, 2009

6303: The First Overreaction Of 2009.

The New York Times spotlighted Publicis Groupe Overlord Maurice Lévy, who gushed about Barack Obama’s presidential victory. Lévy had emailed the 15,000 Publicis drones in the United States and declared, “Congratulations on such a great choice. Once again the American people have proved that they are right there when it comes to turning points in history—and they know how to make history.” Lévy elaborated in the New York Times interview by saying, “I have always thought politics, that is something I should not get involved in. But I had to because this is so fantastic. It erases all the bad images, the bad pictures of the last eight years with one vote. It is a wonderful demonstration of the strengths of America, a formidable lesson for the world.”

Um, that’s just swell, mon ami. Too bad your advertising agencies can’t show similar progressiveness. Publicis Groupe shops know how to make history by failing to embrace diversity for decades. It is a wonderful demonstration of the strengths of White male dominance.

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