Thursday, January 29, 2009

6381: Not Getting The Job Done.

In the zone with a MultiCultClassics Monologue…

• A former Hooters employee (pictured above) is suing New York’s Hawaiian Tropic Zone, charging she was denied a job by a manager who declared, “You don’t speak White. … You are ghetto.” Um, wouldn’t that make her ideal for Hawaiian Tropic Zone’s core customers?

• Spirit Airlines pissed off its own crews by introducing uniform designs including aprons emblazoned with logos for booze. The union president for flight attendants griped that “turning flight attendants into walking billboards is unacceptable.” Um, don’t they already wear outfits with Spirit logos? The union also complained Spirit runs advertisements that are sexist and demeaning. So much for team spirit. However, there’s a woman who was rejected by Hawaiian Tropic Zone who might be interested in a job.

• Corning reported 4Q profits fell 65 percent, prompting plans to cut 3,500 jobs. Corning’s tagline reads, “Possibilities Made Real.” Guess they didn’t make enough of the possibilities real.

• AT&T reported 4Q earnings dropped 23.6 percent. Company accountants are currently drinking heavily in more bars in more places.


HustleKnocker said...

That woman doesn't need to talk anymore than she wants to. Talk about a divestiture of assets.

Lawsuit or not, she's one of the few americans that will never be out of work any longer than she wants to be.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the last thing guys care about there is the voice.