Saturday, January 03, 2009

6305: Digitally Disabled?

There is something almost sad about this actual craigslist ad. If someone has the ability to create a Word document, why can’t they turn it into a pdf? And why do they need someone else to retype the Word document? You get the feeling this individual will be delivering the Word document on a floppy disk.

Make a PDF for me.

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Date: 2009-01-03, 4:35PM CST

I am looking for someone to retype a Microsoft Word Document for me and make it into a PDF for me.

I think $20 is fair for this.

Send me your phone number if you can type fast and convert a file into a PDF.

I also want someone to make a picture on the first page of the PDF so I call sell this as an ebook.

I can tell you the name I want on the cover and I want you to make it look like a picture of an ebook on the first page of the PDF.

IF this project works out, maybe you can help me with a different project too.


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Um...Microsoft Word has an option for writing a PDF instead of just a .doc. If I tell him this, think I can get $10?