Thursday, January 22, 2009

6358: Dialing For Diversity.

Carmen Van Kerckhove’s FREE teleseminar lured over 500 listeners. Now Carmen is extending the call for diversity with an exclusive five-part telecourse this February titled:

Diversity Career Success:
How to Take Your Organization From Culturally Clueless to Diversity Dynamo
(and Skyrocket Your Own Career While You’re At It)

For folks seeking to elevate their diversity skills—or Madison Avenue executives attempting to acquire their very first clue on the subject—the program is sure to deliver. The FREE handouts are over, however, as registration will cost $297. But that’s a bargain compared to most professional seminars. Hell, the typical advertising executive pays more than that to keep their BlackBerry and iPhone running. Plus, the small investment could help reduce the amount of loot Cyrus Mehri intends to squeeze from the ad industry.

Don’t delay! To learn more and register CLICK HERE NOW.

P.S., Signing up a friend or associate will make a perfect gift for Black History Month.

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