Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6336: My Black Is Outta Here.

From Adage.com…

Najoh Tita-Reid Leaves Procter & Gamble
As Multicultural-Marketing Exec, Headed ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ Campaign

By Ken Wheaton and Jack Neff

NEW YORK -- Najoh Tita-Reid, the associate director of multicultural marketing who captained the “My Black is Beautiful” initiative at Procter & Gamble, is leaving the company, she revealed on an industry panel today.

The push overseen by Ms. Reid began in 2007. Backed by several of the company’s beauty and personal-care brands, it was aimed at addressing negative media stereotypes regarding African-American women. The effort has mainly focused on educational and public-relations events, but also most recently included a contest for a model to appear in Pantene advertising. Additionally, the initiative helped underwrite the MSNBC documentary “Meeting David Wilson” last April, which was followed by a 90-minute live discussion on race at Howard University anchored by Brian Williams.

Ms. Reid’s future is yet undetermined. She said she initially planned to join another consumer-products marketer, but recent events led her to reconsider. She said her parting with P&G was on good terms.

‘A great legacy’
“I feel like I was able to make a great impact,” said Ms. Reid on a panel at the One Club today moderated by Ad Age Big Tent blogger Pepper Miller. “I feel like I’m leaving a great legacy and a great team behind.”

Speaking about the need for African-American voices in corporate boardrooms, Ms. Reid said: “I was that voice at P&G, and that role was vast.”

The campaign run by Ms. Reid at P&G was supported by such billion-dollar behemoths as Pantene, Olay, Crest and Always. It took the unusual tack in multicultural marketing of recognizing that many Hispanic women are also black, looking to traverse a difficult boundary and create an effort that could work across both communities.


FlyMiss said...

Najoh Tita-Reid uprooted her entire family to New York to work at GlobalHue. Little does she know, her Black will be outta there soon, too. I hope for the sake of her marriage she has a better back-plan than the one she has now. Good luck to ya!

Anonymous said...

This prediction has come true. Najoh just resigned from GlobalHue. She uprooted her family for nothing... but remember she left p&g supiciously with no job options. The sinking ship (GlobalHue) swooped her up when she was unemployed. What a losing duo.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, Ms. Tita Reid is unto bigger and better work and building a new incredible legacy and team.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Najoh Tita-Reid - OUT; Laura Marella - OUT; Gustavo Razzetti - OUT, and this is the one whom I would have Loved seen getting the heev-ho; Laura Gomez - OUT. Then we have the lovely heiress, Kelli Coleman. Who snatched up another woman's husband (non other than D-Nice) and just had a baby by him. Wow - things are looking worse and worse for the 'royal' family of black advertising. Kelli, you couldn't have done ANY better than this? Surely your daddy isn't proud of such an outcome from his precious, Spellman grad daughter. To me, you're no different than the next ghetto chick. Oh, well. They say what goes around, comes around. And there you were walking around the office @ 123 William Street like your shyt don't stink - oh, the audacity! Look at cha now. Having your business aired out in Hip-Hop Weekly of - of ALL publications! Why no pics of your baby shower, Kelli, you know like how your 25th Birthday was pictured and filmed for the world to see. Why pics and homemovies of your baby shower? Isn't this, too, supposed to be joyous? Gosh, your story would make for a GREAT non-fiction.