Monday, October 27, 2014

12167: Trashing Total Toyota.

Caught three Camry commercials that are presumably part of the inaugural Total Toyota campaign.

The Bucket List Trip appears to be targeting Whites and maybe baby boomers, as a son and father (?) drive through a predominately White version of New Orleans.

The Fix fixates on the Asian market, taking a Jackie Chan-action-adventure approach to chasing down an ice cream truck for one’s pregnant wife.

Time to Celebrate caters to Latinos, with a husband celebrating his wife’s MBA (because education is so important to Latinos!) by staging an after-hours joyride through a carnival. Oh, how those Latinos love to break the law.

It’s still totally unclear how the minority agencies collaborated with the lead White agency—Saatchi & Saatchi—to create this shit. Across the board, it looks like Whites selected the talent. The film quality is consistent, indicating a single director and/or production house may have handled everything.

Exactly how does everyone—from agencies to clients to dealers to consumers—benefit from Total Toyota? Right now, things smell like total bullshit.


AwHellzThisAgain said...

Of course the team of people who put this together wouldn’t think to feature anyone black in New Orleans. It was put together by 3% Conference darling Margaret Keene and her band of merry all-white friends. Exact same team that did the slave plantation bridal commercial. What did you expect when Toyota handed a multicultural campaign over to that crew?

All they did was turn around and hire a bunch of British guys to slap it together. That’s why no one looked twice at filming on a plantation, they just didn’t have the cultural knowledge of America to know any better.

QuebecWha? said...

Man, I saw that spot the other day and though you got to really bend over backwards to make New Orleans look that white. I wondered how that happened and now I know. You give it to an American ad agency.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you all but well - I saw 4 Black people and you know how it goes down on Mardi Gras :-P

OnVacationPORFIN said...

Latino person here. Why exactly is this considered a Latin ad? I saw the version with a Spanish voiceover and that’s all it is. A Spanish voiceover. With a couple of random dark-haired actors thrown in for good measure.

Hell, the most ethnic looking person in the ad is Asian-American actor Derek Basco, the security guard.

Did this white ad agency stick a Filipino-American actor in the ad because he looked brown enough to pass as Latin in their eyes and they couldn’t tell the difference?