Friday, October 31, 2014

12177: TV Break Into The Business.

Campaign published a blurb saluting an initiative to help students who have struggled to break into the advertising business:

Things we like: ITV2 giving young people a shot at advertising

We all know the dangers of a one-dimensional workforce, so full credit to ITV2 for appointing Commercial Break to respond to a youth-focused brief. The not-for-profit organisation is challenging the traditional recruitment process by giving 18- to 24-year-olds who have struggled to find a career in the industry a unique opportunity to be part of a London-based “pop-up” creative agency. Seven of them have been selected to work on a real-life brief from the channel.

“We all know the dangers of a one-dimensional workforce…” Um, based on the reports, U.K. advertising agencies have no reservations whatsoever creating a one-dimensional, exclusive workforce. There is no recognition of danger at all. Meanwhile, it’s hard to tell if the Commercial Break initiative is exclusive too; that is, did they target White kids who’ve struggled to break into the business?

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