Thursday, October 09, 2014

12136: Pornhub Sucks In Times Square.

Adfreak reported on the pitifully pathetic Pornhub campaign that launched with a billboard and event in New York’s Times Square. After all of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s success in ridding the area of adult entertainment and obscenity, Pornhub’s hackneyed shit tried to stink up the place again. And did the Beatles approve usage of their tune for this asinine spectacle? Copyright infringement lawsuit, please.

Pornhub Erects Huge Billboard in Times Square After Long Search for a Great Non-Pornographic Ad

Update: It’s been taken down

By Alfred Maskeroni

New York’s Times Square has always been an eyegasm of advertising, so the adult website Pornhub’s enormous new billboard—featuring the winner of its contest seeking a great non-pornographic ad—fits right in.

The winner is Nuri Galver, a copywriter from Istanbul, whose entry was chosen from more than 3,000 others. On the contest’s Tumblr page, Galver says his concept was a simple one: “Because our icon is a hand, our campaign will easily be integrated into any media. Because everyone has it or is familiar it. And they use it often in their daily life. So, with our effective insight, we will announce ‘Pornhub’ name to the whole world in a short time.”

Galver had another idea, too: “People of different nationalities, with different types of hand, will sing our ‘All You Need Is Hand’ song with the music of ‘All You Need Is Love.’ This will be our image film. Depending on budgetary situation, we can use celebrities in our movies. Sure, it increases the effect of the campaign.”

So, Pornhub did just that, hiring the Gotham Rock Choir to christen the ad with their own parody rendition of the Beatles classic. Take a look [here]. And for complaints, please contact de Blasio—or maybe Giuliani.

UPDATE: Late Wednesday afternoon, Pornhub tweeted that the billboard had been taken down, offering no explanation. It was fun while it lasted.

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