Wednesday, October 01, 2014

12118: Here Are Breaking In Comments.

Here Are All The Black People presented a panel titled: Breaking In. Breaking Wind might have been a more accurate label. William Burks Spencer moderated a Q&A session starring BBDO CCO David Lubars, mcgarrybowen ACD/Copylover Neisha Tweed, R/GA SVP ECD Chloe Gottlieb, Boone Oakley President Gregory Johnson and GSD&M Creative Director Jake Camozzi. The basic problem with the discussion? The executives offered nothing beyond common knowledge and common sense. Candidates could get greater insight from simply scanning the classic How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising by Maxine Paetro. Additionally, the panelists were too diverse—and not in a multicultural sense. Lubars and Camozzi sounded like traditional advertising dinosaurs. Has Tweed the social media ACD ever hired anyone? Gottlieb felt a little hackneyed, as digital types often do. And Johnson is a suit—so his opinions on portfolios mean less than zero. Not convinced any of the professional participants connected with the audience. Again, attendees would be better off working for Issa Rae versus these dullards.

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