Saturday, September 11, 2010

7961: Freelancing On The Siding.

This actual job listing shows the state of affairs in the world of freelance. Are creative people actually competing for the opportunity to collect $30 by writing content about vinyl siding?

Title: Copywriting Project - Vinyl Siding
Project ID: 000000

Category: Writing, Editing & Translation
Description: I have a small project for which I need copy written.

- I’m looking for 5 different paragraphs about CertainTeed Vinyl Siding (see example paragraph below).
- Each paragraph needs to be different than the others, and should contain 5-6 sentences. It’s critical that these paragraphs pass CopyScape, both against the Web and against each other.
- The brand CertainTeed Vinyl Siding should appear at least 3 times in each paragraph.
- The audience for each of these paragraphs is consumer.

- This project is paying $6 per paragraph, for a total of $30.
- We pay via SafePay Invoices at the completion of the project ONLY. NO ESCROW. We pay very quickly upon completion—sometimes within minutes of receiving an invoice.

Alcoa Vinyl Siding is one of the most popular siding choices, as it is easy to care for, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Alcoa Vinyl Siding boasts superior ding and scratch resistance, as well as a limited lifetime warranty. Alcoa Vinyl Siding offers designer accents and shutters, fascia and trim, soffits, fascia and rain and leaf removal. Alcoa Vinyl Siding combines industry-best fade resistance with a wide variety of color choices. Alcoa Vinyl Siding pays homage to and respects the environment by developing sustainable building products and business practices. Alcoa Vinyl Siding provides popular, unparalleled siding products.

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