Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7995: Infomercial For Integration.

Advertising Age reported on the latest effort to boost diversity on Madison Avenue—brought to you by the 4As and VCU Brandcenter. The big idea involves recruiting minority youth with an infomercial titled, “Pursuit of Passion: Diversity in Advertising.” The propaganda is slated to debut during Advertising Week at the end of September, and it stars a slew of prominent adpeople. Does anyone know if there are cameo appearances by Harry Webber and Sanford Moore? Just asking.


Anonymous said...


The Advertising Industry has been repeating this "youth initiative" movement for decades! This is nothing new or innovative. I remember initiatives like this in the 90's even early 2000's. But its a "start" right?, at least their "doing something". --> "Get to the root of the problem,the bigger issues having to do with, "lack of opportunity and innate prejudice and racism!" oh crap but we cant because some of those very same people doing this are our bosses and friends and people who donate and support diversity initiatives.

Kudos though to the makers of the film though, and the individuals involved, from the preview we can see that people really do want to make a difference. At least there is dialogue. In the past nobody would speak out, just complete silence.
We have a long way to go, till a brave soul really shines a light in darkness and the roaches will be forced to run! Sometimes those roaches are sadly execs,hr & even the very same people who come out in "support" of films like this! Change is coming, it may not be here tomorrow but its coming!

Craig said...

I wish them the best. But it's like searching for sand at the beach. We are here -- we are here -- we are here.

Horton can't seem to hear the whos in whoville.