Monday, September 27, 2010

8004: Adweek Discovers Diversity.

Adweek presents a special Diversity Issue this week. Noreen O’Leary examines how Millennials might ultimately affect the makeup of Madison Avenue. There’s the obligatory discussions on U.S. Census figures and the marketing implications, probably co-written by Census agency Draftfcb. Uniworld Chairman Byron Lewis pontificates about recruitment and retention while avoiding questioning ex-client Burger King’s decision to fire its multicultural agencies in favor of a White agency. Eleftheria Parpis rambles on about “young, color-blind consumers” changing how clients make and place ads. Lucia Moses talks to Essence Communications President Michelle Ebanks. Cyrus Mehri and Janelle M. Carter continue to hype the Madison Avenue Project. There’s the expected editorial from Tiffany R. Warren, along with a perspective from one of her mentees. And Barbara Lippert interviewed commercial actor Jamison Reeves. Guess this guy wasn’t available to chat.

(Also, for a diversity issue, it all seemed heavily Black.)

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