Saturday, September 18, 2010

7980: Give Me A Break, Sears.

This Sears commercial feels about as hip and contemporary as, well, Sears.


RFB said...

To show you how even further behind the times Sears is, a commenter comes along and says "title needs to be changed to "dance crew or break dancers" instead of dance troupe! that's the old fashioned name for a dance group! can't find this effing ad for a couple days because of the wrong title!"

And to their credit, the social team working for Sears said:

"We've listened to your comment and changed the title to "Breakdance Crew" Thanks for the advice."

HighJive said...

Sears could have generated the same results by changing the title to "Shitty Spot."

Anonymous said...

Just shows u how out of touch sears and the agencies that service them are. All it takes is a little diversity, and they would have got this right. LL cool J sold out too!--just thought Id throw that in.