Thursday, September 06, 2012

10487: Ben and Jerry’s Scoop.

From The New York Daily News…

Ben and Jerry’s suing California smut peddler that ripped off its logo for X-rated DVDs

10 titles in so-called ‘Ben & Cherry’s’ series included ‘Hairy Garcia’ and ‘Boston Cream Thigh’

By Robert Gearty / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The makers of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream preach peace and love — but they draw the line at hardcore porn.

The socially conscious Vermont company is suing a California smut peddler that blatantly ripped off its logo for X-rated DVDs.

The 10 titles in the so-called “Ben & Cherry’s” series — which sold online by Rodax Video — play on the cute names on tubs of ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s staple Cherry Garcia became “Hairy Garcia,” and Boston Cream Pie became “Boston Cream Thigh.”

A DVD called “Americone Cream” — a takeoff on Americone Dream, which was inspired by Stephen Colbert — promises “a delicious mix of hot American gay men.”

An unprintable title drawn from the flavor Banana Split features two bare-chested women on the cover.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court demands the porn be taken off the market and seeks unspecified damages.

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