Monday, September 10, 2012

10507: Taco Bell Plots Next Offensive Move…?

You know the hacks at Taco Bell watched the 60 Minutes interview with “Mark Owen”—the former Navy SEAL who participated in taking down Osama bin Laden—and wondered how to leverage the story into a new menu item. “Owen” revealed that after the mission, he visited Taco Bell for two tacos and a burrito. Oh, the marketing minds at Yum! Brands and PepsiCo are likely holding top-secret brainstorms, concocting combinations of faux Mexican food, Frito-Lay chips and Gatorade. Perhaps they’ll introduce the bin Laden Burrito and Gatoraid Combo—with free night vision goggles for Fourth Meal warriors—and try to hit a September 11 launch date.

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