Monday, September 03, 2012

10474: Why Pepper Miller STILL Matters.

Black STILL Matters In Marketing by Pepper Miller provides personality, professionalism and passion from a premier expert in the field. When it comes to Black consumers and Black culture, Miller knows her stuff. More importantly, Miller knows presenting the data is not enough—so she also shares her personal experiences, beliefs and biases to bring things to life and drive home the positions. She’s a researcher, planner, preacher and adwoman all rolled up in one.

Black STILL Matters is a companion to What’s Black About It? co-written by Miller and the late Herb Kemp in 2005. Yet the new book adds greater depth to the evolving discussion on multicultural marketing. Miller masterfully manages to deliver her manifesto in a fresh style, integrating the latest facts, figures and feelings on the issues.

As if to underscore that Blacks are not a monolithic group, Miller invited other thought leaders to join the conversation, including Prime Access President and CEO Howard Buford, adman J.P. James, Lattimer Communications President and CEO Sarah Lattimer, adman Reginald Osborne and CultureLab Founder and CEO Kevin Walker. Plus, Miller incorporated perspectives from Jim Glover, Derek Walker, Craig Brimm and more. Black STILL Matters covers a compelling collection of voices and viewpoints for the cause.

That Miller must STILL make a case for engaging Black consumers shows the advertising industry has a long way to go.

Alas, there are STILL culturally clueless characters who should be required to read Miller’s book—like Tanner Colby, Dan Wieden, Jeff Goodby, Alex Bogusky, Sir John Hegarty, Donny Deutsch, Jerry Stoner, Luke Sullivan, Lee Clow, John Seifert, Mike Hughes, Rick Boyko, Laurence Boschetto, Bob Scarpelli, Howard Draft, Sir Martin Sorrell, Michael Roth, John Wren and Maurice Levy.

Advertisers obviously STILL need to hear Miller’s arguments.

Cross-cultural consortiums and con artists will STILL pick up insight, information and instruction.

Chief Diversity Officers STILL seeking ammunition for their initiatives can find assistance from Miller’s content.

Even Black advertising agencies can STILL benefit from reviewing the book.

In short, the message in Black STILL Matters In Marketing is STILL important and imperative. And Pepper Miller deserves a fitting tribute for her bold efforts.

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