Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10512: Jeff Kling Loves Spanish Women…?

Adweek interviewed new Fallon Chief Creative Officer Jeff Kling, who expressed reverence for Cecilia Giménez:

Why the fascination with Cecilia Giménez, the elderly woman who was in the news for destroying the Spanish church fresco?

Her restoration attempt required a lot more than idle good intentions. She brought reverence, devotion and probably love to a sincere effort to restore this work. She’s north of 80 and she got paint on her hands. How many 30-year-olds follow through on casual plans for the evening, let alone make good on their creative ambitions? She invests herself totally and gets smacked for it. I hope she knows her humanity is beautiful. Her act edifies us like art seldom does, and I hope Jesus has her back. I want to hug her.

Okay, but would Kling hire an 80-year-old Spanish woman? Get real. Kling would sooner hand a job to Colonel Klink.

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