Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10561: Interns, Interns, Interns.

At The Big Tent, Eric Buchanan—Talent Acquisition Manager, RPA, and President, Multicultural Advertising Training Program—published a post titled, “How to Attract -- and Retain -- a More Diverse Agency Staff.” The solution? Interns. In fact, Buchanan might have set a record for most mentions of the word “interns” in a single essay. Is anyone in the industry capable of coming up with an original concept to tackle the dearth of diversity? Regurgitating the same old idea feels like the work of, well, interns.

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Anonymous said...

This guys is the president of President, Multicultural Advertising Training Program— and his solution is interns. lol. GM agencies have been doing this since the beginning, they refuse to hire qualified candidates of color, but they have no problem in bringing in interns and creating diversity officers and programs. what a joke.