Sunday, April 22, 2012

10031: Trans-Cultural Is The New Bullshit.

A recent entry in The New America series from Adweek, Draftfcb and the U.S. Census Bureau is titled, “Now Is The New Next,” authored by Draftfcb New York Chief Media Officer Rich Gagnon.

“Now is the time for ‘trans-cultural’ planning,” proclaimed Gagnon. “Trans-cultural planning considers ethnographic insights across demographics and life stages. Teens tend to be the most melded trans-culture given their diversity. But, they are not alone. Moms are now a more connected trans-cultural segment, exchanging experiences that are not limited to local clubs. And there’s a growing retirement trans-culture where relocation can spark integration.”

Draftfcb executives must get bonus pay based on fabricating marketing mumbo-jumbo. From “trans-cultural” to “cross-cultural” to “Dignified Intolerance” to “Creative Rumble,” the agency is constantly barfing up bullshit posing as buzzwords. Yet the innovative jargon never seems to lead to decent work.

Somebody tell these charlatans their 6.5 seconds that matter are up.

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