Sunday, April 29, 2012

10053: Wendy’s Redheaded Stepchildren.

Advertising Age reported on Wendy’s redheaded version of the Doublemint TwinsWendy Thomas and an unnamed character appearing in new promotional spots. So far, the dynamic duo is more annoying and less attractive than the dude wearing a red wig from a previous campaign. The real Wendy got a minor makeover, but she’s still about as comfortable on camera as a local car dealer. The new redhead, on the other hand, is already inspiring parody commercials. In short, the two women are the equivalent of finding a red hair in your cheeseburger. Can’t help but think the fast food chain has completely lost its way. At this point, Wendy’s wouldn’t even benefit from persuading the red-haired Ronald McDonald to defect to their team.

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