Monday, April 23, 2012

10037: How To Save AMC’s The Pitch.

The promotional spots for AMC series The Pitch don’t hold much promise that the future episodes will be any better than the lame sneak preview. Look for the show to last somewhere between the runs of the latest Charlie’s Angels and The Playboy Club.

At this point, the producers should go into desperation mode. Turn it into The Celebrity Pitch, staging competitions between the casts of Mad Men, Trust Me, thirtysomething and anyone still alive from Bewitched. Another idea would be to feature actual advertising agencies taking on the Kardashians or Jersey Shore crew.

Better yet, have real White agencies face off with minority shops. And to make it interesting, force the White guys to work with the insufficient resources usually given to the colored adpeople, while the minorities receive the big budgets enjoyed by the general-market firms.

Or maybe just depict minorities attempting to land a job on Madison Avenue.

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